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Employee Benefits
 In the aspect of attire, meal, lodging and transportation
        The company offers employees spring and winter work attire and special position protective shoes, helmets and so forth. Work meals are provided free of charge, and meal charges are waived when working overtime. The employee dormitories sleep six people in a room, equipped with air-conditioning, shower facility, with the employees shouldering a small portion of the utilities charges, and a majority covered by the company.
 In the aspect of benefits activity
The company stages a year-end activity at the end of each year, which encompasses a banquet, prize draw, and cultural and artistic performance, offering enriching contents in a great variety of forms.
To enrich the employees amusement in their spare time after work, the company has instilled employee activity rooms that offer a series of fitness equipment including table tennis, badminton, basketball and so forth; the company has also organized a basketball team that participates in the basketball games staged at the development zone in each year; the yearly Mid Autumn Festival’s lantern riddle guessing activity also draws large number of employees to participate in it with enthusiasm, helping to disperse homesickness among out-of-town workers who are unable to return home.
The company runs a medical office, providing employees with a free supply of common medicine and health advice.  The company has also instilled cooperation ties with local hospitals on the municipal level, whereby the hospitals provide quick access for company employees to seek medication attention, enabling employees seeking treatment to receive fine medical care the moment they arrive at the hospital.
The company stages birthday celebrations for employees, where the company president is on hand to celebrate with the employees, and the company provides birthday cakes and supermarket shopping coupons that enlighten the employees with a homey touch.
The company allocates travel subsidies for each employee that can be used to organize employee travel activity, which allows the employers a chance to embrace nature besides their hard work, and relieve their work stress.

 In the aspect of employee motivation
        Depending on the company’s operating status and combining the employees’ performance, employee yearend bonuses are released; the company organizes “outstanding employee awards” on a monthly basis to command employees with exceptional performance; patent invention awards have been set up to motivate the employees to innovate, in search of the company’s sustainable development.  The company also provides smooth employee promotion venues by staging yearly promotions for professional employee positions and managerial positions, by which to select quality human resources supporting the company’s future operations.