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Company Profile
        Getac Precision Technology (Changshu) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as GCS), founded in 2006, is a professional manufacturer specializing in producing automotive parts/components from magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy die-casting products, comprising primarily safety harness recoil shafts, spring covers, safety airbag electronic control module housings and brackets, electronic gating door housings, windshield wiper electrical housings, steering wheel mounts, glove compartment brackets, LCD monitor brackets and turning system’s controller base mounts and the like.
        GCS encompasses a 25,000m2 plant, and operates nearly 40 magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy cold die-casting machines, and among them, there are 670t, 530t, 350t and 125t of varied tonnage machines, all coming from Japan. For mechanical processing, it operates 75 units of the CNC digital controlled server beds, and among them 62 units are of the Brother brand from Japan, 10 units are of the HAAS brand from the U.S, and to cater to unique voluminous goods, the firm has developed 9 units of exclusive servers on its own, and added several lines of automated operating equipment and clean-room rinsing and packing chambers; on the aspect of laboratory testing equipment, GCS has allotted significant capital for purchasing many advanced measurement and testing devices, among them are advanced equipment including six units of the CMM 3-D measurement instruments, X-ray analyzers, electronic microscopes, material analyzers, universal testing machines and 3-D scanning measurement devices.
        In 2011, GCS has close to 700 employees coming from all provinces around the country, and over 40% of the associates in various departments hold a university or higher education, and are backed by a stable and seasoned management team. In its growth experience over the past few years, the company has accumulated steadfast development and earned acclaim form industry clients, as its collaborating partner Autoliv has honored the firm with a “best potential vendor” and a “global supplier” honorary certificate. In 2007, GCS has successfully been accredited with the TS-16949 quality certification, and in 2008 been accredited with the ISO-14001 environmental certification.
Equipment Specifications Quantity (units)
Magnesium alloy and aluminum alloy cold die-casting machines 670t、530t、350t、125t 40
CNC digital controlled server beds 75
Design by GCS 9
Laboratory CMM 3-D measurement instruments 9
X-ray analyzers, electronic microscopes, material analyzers, universal testing machines and 3-D scanning measurement devices 10
        Steered by its quality initiatives of a “perfection” quality policy and “zero customer complaints” and “Zero PPM (Part per Million)”, GCS is highly conscientious of its production process quality control, as it continues to step up all employees’ quality awareness by instigating stringent quality control on every link of the production flow to ensure the product’s acceptable ratio and enhance customer satisfaction.
        To tackle the ever increasing orders, GCS conceived many years ago of a Vietnamese factory expansion plan, which has since joined operations at the end of 2011, contributing to Wafffer Metal Technology with a solid foundation for embarking on its dream of becoming a premiere worldwide automotive parts supplier.