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New recruit orientation training
        To avail new recruits to quickly become familiar with company operations before tackling their posts, a new recruit orientation training has been arranged spanning over two to three days, aiming to orient new associates to understand company history and evolvement, become familiar with the company environment, and various systems, rules and regulations.  In the meantime, it also enables new employees to efficiently acquire essential working skills, while all departments also provide professional positional developmental training.
Professional educational training
        More than devoting itself to employee developmental training to assist them in acquiring positional knowledge and professional skill competency, the professional training program further integrates a certification system to ensure that employees on all types of positions are able to competently tackle their jobs, and also able to efficiently carry out their respective work responsibilities.  There are plans for company executives, senior employee, professional technical employees to hold internal development training courses on a monthly basis, and the developmental training center is there to enforce implementation follow-up and developmental training yields monthly; in addition, there are developmental training sessions by outside institutions, including competency developmental training for special positions and positions that require certification, as well as developmental training courses by renowned instructors of outside institutions, through which to expand the employees’ horizons and management know-how.
Employee promotion training
        The company offers its employees promotion opportunity on a yearly maximum propensity.  The program provides ambitious and motivated employees with effective career planning, and also avails promotable employees with a series of effective and practical developmental training, which will enable an employee to adapt in a short time and also become an outstanding management staff.