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Aluminum Alloy
Steering Wheel Armature
Diagram of the product
A steering wheel armature is the inner most metal framework of a steering wheel, the most fundamental structure that takes charge of a vehicle's steering control, therefore the most important safety component in the vehicle.
Currently this model of steering wheel armature is used on trucks and pickups.
Automobile seat belt spool
Diagram of the product
The automobile seat belt spool is one of key components of the seat belt module. Besides accommodating and releasing the seat belt, the spool will stop the movement of the length of seat belt in the event of colliding incident, holding the passenger tightly to the seat, protecting the passenger.
Tube cover, automobile seat belt reel
Diagram of the product
The tube cover to the seat belt spring reel is a component of the seat belt module. This cover is installed matching the seat belt reel of a Pre-tensioner Seat Belt.
Electronic throttle control body
Diagram of the product
An electronic throttle connects with the engine and intrinsically affects the engine performance.
Housing of electronic controller module, automobile air bag
Diagram of the product
The housing of the air bag electronic controller module for the protection of electronic devices of the Supplemental Restraint System Control Module (SRSCM). In the event of a frontal collision at a certain speed, this SRSCM will activate the air bag when receiving the signal sent by a collision sensor in the head, so as to protect the passenger. 
Base plate, automobile steering system controller
Diagram of the product
The mechanical steering system is fully driven by driver's physical effort, which is far from ideal in "effort-saving" and "sensibility appeal" ; therefore most  modern vehicles  adopt power steering system. The Power Steering System requires less than half the effort needed for a mechanical steering system to enable a diversion fr