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Getac’s Commitment
         The invention of automobile has revolutionized human life, and has a significant meaning to the world, while of the century-old automotive industry; GCS has filled the role as an indispensable auto parts supplier.  Our products are applied in leading automotive brands, whether it be the European, U.S. or Japanese series of vehicles, all of which bear an inseparable relationship to GCS.  Despite that the ultimate consumers may not be quite clear as to the products we manufacture cover which auto parts and components, yet GCS is quite content to be behind the scene, working diligently to bring to the motorists and passengers with comfort, safety and functionality, all of which can be tracked back to our commitment in quality safeguard.
Zero safety defects
As the auto industry is an industry that concerns the safety of human lives, there is a stringent approach to quality safeguards throughout the production and manufacture processes. In terms of quality demand, GCS has much higher demand then its customers’ demands, as Wafer Metal Technology strives to push itself in achieving a level of “zero defect” in the future.
Racing with time
As the timetable of a new car model, starting from development to launch, has been shorted to a two-year period, GCS would follow the customers’ needs by adjusting its own pace in reducing the timetable from tooling to mass production needed, striving to create a win-win situation for the clients and the firm.
         Looking out to the future, GCS vies to broach a “Greener and Lighter” technical focus by deep-rotting its solid foundation, vying to fill the role of becoming a more refined automotive parts operator.