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        GCS, in safeguarding the quality of magnesium and aluminum alloy auto parts and components, has consistently upheld rather high special controls and demands. To ensure real-time feedback and solution on quality problems that arise in the production process, GCS has fully inducted the quick response quality control (QRQC) system; meanwhile, the “computerized customer complaint response system” allows a more precise follow up on the progress of customer complaint cases.
        In the meantime, GCS has launched a cross-departmental 6-Sigma project team that focuses on critical problematic points rising throughout the production process, with which it conducts in-depth problem exploration and research, enabling problems to be thoroughly improved upon and put under control. And we also spare no efforts in providing frontline quality-control associates with quality awareness, and technological developmental training.
        GCS strives not only to satisfy customers’ needs, but rather the quest for a perfected philosophy.