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Die Casting
         Die-casting refers to the process of pouring melted metal liquid at a higher speed to fill the cavities of a die-cast tool under higher pressure, and to form the shape and solidify it to derive a die-cast work piece. The method is suitable for alloys with a lower melting point, such as magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and so forth. Magnesium alloy is better for excellent die-casting crafting functions because of its low melting point, low viscosity in the alloy liquid, good fluidity, and can be easily filled into complex cavities. It has been widely applied in die-casting.
         Die-casting, characterized by advantages including high acceptable ratios, high precision on the die-cast dimensions, high surface cleanliness on die-cast pieces, is suitable for products with more complex configuration structures.
         GCS die-casting technology is more than a leader in the industry, and the fully automated machinery and equipment allotted at the production lines help to offer unparalleled service quality.