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Material Lab
        To ensure that the manufactured automotive parts and components achieve “zero tolerance in dimension” and “optimal quality demands” throughout the product process, GCS has synchronously instilled testing and measurement laboratories at the time of its inception, and has successfully purchased and added high precision imported instruments and equipment, with a scale comparable to third parties’ testing laboratory grade.
Some of the key laboratory equipment includes:
3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Regardless of a simple surface of a complex curvature, the 3-D coordinated measuring machine can swiftly and accurately convert a work piece’s dimensions into figures.
Texture Meter
It measures a product’s surface shine and cleanliness.
X-Ray Analyzer
As there is a tendency for air bubbles to occur on the work piece during the die-casting process, the instrument can be used to check the state of air bubbles within a work piece, contributing greatly to the production line.
It is capable of analyzing over 100 metal elements.
Precision Projector
It is used to conduct precision measurement on the tolerance of gears and angles of smaller shapes and locations.
All-purpose Strength Tester
It performs destructive tests on the work piece, and can be coordinated with strength testing requirements of torque, pressure, twist and so forth.
Automatic Optical Scanned Inspector (ATOS)
It is capable of performing rapid check and comparison, and also converts the scanned file using other software into developmental 3D data.